[Granblue Fantasy] Mugen Solo Water Kengo / [グラブル] ムゲンHLソロ 水剣豪

[Granblue Fantasy] Mugen Solo Water Kengo / [グラブル] ムゲンHLソロ 水剣豪

The old (and maybe only?) strat still works, but it’s sure dull.

Settes taking the place of filler Schrodingers and harps make this much easier; it takes active effort to swap the characters that are only used for phase 1 out. Lucifer also helps, albeit moreso in the capacity of being able to slot a healing summon without compromising on another slot elsewhere since the autoheal is useless here.

The boss doesn’t do a whole lot. In phase 1, clear 20 omens then swap characters out. Neither Poseidon nor Quatre are really essential; they’re just very convenient for clearing 30 hits. Ideally, you’d want to reach the phase transition as soon as possible after removing all 20 stacks, but this setup is so bulky that not it’s kind of a pain to actually do it. The only tricky bit is that Haase should swap into slot 3 and not 2.

Phase 2 is doing the same thing for another 2 billion HP – at least 4 chain on every turn alternating between FC and Wamdus ougi for mitigation so that the team doesn’t take damage. The extra defense helps; the amount of damage that gets through is in the double digits. Being able to find a Bahamut support is enough damage to save a couple of turns. I tried more ougi summons as panic buttons and found that one was more than enough. I did drop the ball once on turn 85 when there wasn’t enough meter, and it was fortunate that this team can just bulk up through it. There aren’t any cooldowns to manage, so the hardest part is not falling asleep for 20 minutes of pressing the same rotation broken up by maximum lockout.

water ship 10%/water reactor 10%
0:00 phase 1
10:19 phase 2


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