[Granblue Fantasy] Beelzebub Solo Water Magna Cagliostro Rebalance / [グラブル] バブHLソロ 水マグナ水着カリオストロ調整

[Granblue Fantasy] Beelzebub Solo Water Magna Cagliostro Rebalance / [グラブル] バブHLソロ 水マグナ水着カリオストロ調整

Cagliostro’s buffs in this update are nice. This isn’t the greatest setting to show them off, though.

The star attraction is that the 5 crest version of her 1 doesn’t consume crests anymore. Even if she’s ever used in a burst setup again, it’s unlikely that it’ll ever be particularly relevant, so this feels like it’s intended to make her more viable in long fights. 3/6 uptime on buffs that strong feels pretty good.

Running her in a setup without auto/crit support loses value from her passive echoes; they’re only reliable during uptime on Ars Notoria. It’s not all that bad, though; feeding her more meter ramps her crest stack nicely and provides enough to use her 3 afterwards. That’s quite a beneficiary of this rebalance; now that her 1 doesn’t eat a full stack of crests, there’s enough to get one press every ougi to make up for the shortage of debuffs. It’d be nice if her debuff accuracy were better, though; slowly creeping up to maxed stackable debuffs is fine but missing a bunch at 30% meant running out of 0 cooldown casts and then not being able to clear 15%.

One point of note is that Ars Notoria doesn’t grant allies crests, so after that initial cast of Ars Nova, Cag can’t ramp everyone else’s. This make her crest passive (and whatever you might want to fit into the backline) kind of not good without more support elsewhere.

Her 2 turning into a permanent buff is quite nice; 50% def is a sizable chunk and 50% normal attack definitely helps here without much of it to go around. The healing on it is really disappointing, though; it’s just not enough to get anything done. I was sort of hoping that with Anne for extra mitigation, it’d be sufficient, but it proved to be nowhere near the case and it was easier to just run a healing summon to cover the difference. (It’d have been smarter to run Justice since damage taken was concentrated onto Anne and distributing it would have increased Cag’s healing output dramatically, but you know.)

I’d still like a little more out of her as far as utility to justify a slot. The big stack of dispels was more of a distinctive specialty before Beelzebub.

I did initially try this with Clarisse again, but it was nothing mindblowing compared to the last time.

water ship 10%/water reactor 10%
0:00 100%
6:36 75%
12:10 50%
16:22 30%


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