[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Water Magna CR Ultimate Mastery / [グラブル] ルシソロ 水マグナカオスルーダー 極致の証

[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Water Magna CR Ultimate Mastery / [グラブル] ルシソロ 水マグナカオスルーダー 極致の証

I’ll never have to run Absorption for lack of better options again. This is great.

Chaos Ruler’s batch of subskills are an oddball bunch. Bleak Disorder gives the class some actual offense; none of the previously available ones did much in that respect. The problems with it are that the damage cap is low and that twelve debuffs to proc it aren’t always trivial. In a multiplayer raid with other people piling them on, or even one where single/dual atk/def down can take up 2-4 debuff slots, it’s not so bad, but getting enough on Lucilius took some effort. I couldn’t even run Poseidon easily since the ultimate mastery bonuses give MC too much attack for him to take Phosphorous, hence Andira for the three permanent debuffs. With Haaselia and Halmal for more permanent debuffs and then five from stackables, that leaves one more to be filled by something random – Vajra’s stackable debuff resist, Socie’s stuff, or MC’s blind. (Bounty doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately.)

Malignity is incredible. That’s the kind of button with gamechanging levels of impact that I’d never have expected to get on MC, much less with such a minor drawback. Sure, it doesn’t have upside unlike Percival 2, but let’s not talk about that character.

I’d have gotten more mileage from Bleak Disorder out of, say, wind, where there’s skill supplemental in the grid and debuffs are easier to come about with Yurius being able to press buttons. I wanted to play a setup where Malignity makes a real difference outside of 10%, though; since figuring out that I should be using Kou, water body route is still the one that suffers the most from actually being able to die to triggers. Taking aligned PL 1-2 times prior to 50% as well as AoE Axion can put the team in a very heavy HP deficit with just Socie and blue pots to heal the team back up, so being able to nullify all damage on two of those occasions is worth something like 50-80k healing just in the first half of the raid.

CR having a delay on an exceptionally short cooldown makes navigating body phase very easy here; Haase is free to press her 1 for the debuff count immediately instead of needing to save it to put off an align or something. I actually made a pretty big error in delaying on turn 12; I was worried about pushing into OD since Iblis could still cause problems but the damage cap was enough that I should have risked it. What ended up happening was needing to delay through an entire other cycle. Screwing that up meant that there was no opportunity to use Malignity there since it wasn’t off cooldown for 60% and there wasn’t another PL before trials, but having it for 35% wasn’t bad, either.

Outside of the first turn or two after debuff clears, having twelve debuffs up was doable for the most part, even if it didn’t result in much damage between the lack of supplemental and MC having a lot of meter in a Vajra/Haase lineup with uplift on the mainhand. Having defense down stack faster and extra mitigation from DA/TA down both really don’t hurt at all.

As for Malignity, the universal application is being able to get through 10% without a summon call. Here, it was enough to completely skip the Qilin call that’s customarily used to avoid 10%.

Flames of Chaos looks fun, but 14T cooldown is prohibitively long. Not sure where it’d be useful outside of clearing omen conditions like SUBHL’s debuff trial.

water ship 10%/water reactor 10%
0:00 100%
7:49 75%
13:45 50%
18:45 25%


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