[Granblue Fantasy] Beelzebub Solo Water Magna w/ Filene No F5 / [グラブル] バブHLソロ 水マグナパナケイア フィルレイン リロ無し

[Granblue Fantasy] Beelzebub Solo Water Magna w/ Filene No F5 / [グラブル] バブHLソロ 水マグナパナケイア フィルレイン リロ無し

Filene’s concept is cute, but the numbers need some help.

As a self-contained character, she’s not enough; she’s looking for someone to enable in offering a permanent-ish partywide buff incentivizing skill damage and adding an extra nuke to glaciate procs. There’s not a whole lot of ways of doing that, though; it requires skill procs so Grand Lancelot’s ougi doesn’t work (and I don’t have him anyway). At the very least, Macula has some alright utility for this raid as well as a 6t cooldown glaciate nuke to proc it.

Macula’s not comfortable as a solo healer, so Iatromantis MC opens the composition up to get away with it a bit. Vajra’s still too good to not run; Filene and Macula both scale with ougis and she herself has enough nuke damage to benefit from skill specs. I did screw up by forgetting that Macula only gives herself crests, though; Cag was a wasted slot compared to Lecia or something.

I think my assessment is that Filene is about what I expected going in – there’s some cool stuff going on, but the payoff’s not worth spending an entire character slot to enable, at least at present. The utility package is very nice as is; 20% damage reduction while her debuff is up (and it will be most of the time since it doesn’t miss, provided glaciate appliers are spaced out a bit) is a lot on top of being able to hit 40% stackable debuffs. The downside is that the characters that she needs for a payoff just aren’t very good, and being tied to another character is asking a lot. Erin has the shortest cooldown on glaciate nukes at the moment, but I doubt that she’s enough to shift the balance.

Maybe some jacked character who glaciates every turn is going to happen, but unless Filene is also getting a buff with it she’s likely to get cut, too.

water ship 9%/water reactor 10%
0:00 100%
6:51 75%
11:55 50%
16:32 30%


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