[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Water Magna Neko w/ Oculus Felis / [グラブル] ルシHLソロ 水マグナ黒猫道士 極致の証

[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Water Magna Neko w/ Oculus Felis / [グラブル] ルシHLソロ 水マグナ黒猫道士 極致の証

Ultimate Mastery gave Nekomancer MC some subskills to run that aren’t utter filler.

Having to run Black Cat’s Path for the extremely marginal utility of maybe clearing debuff trials or sticking it during Gopherwood (which doesn’t even work) feels awful. Oculus Felis is a gigantic impact defensive cooldown button that’s useful in basically every situation where you might want one in these solos – mirror image for ougis, armored for the damage part, and a massive shield. The only thing it’s missing is veil, but the class even has alleviation for that built in.

The god button doesn’t come at no cost. The first problem is that 8T cooldown in a raid there the boss will ougi every 2-3 turns is a ton, but at least the water characters have plenty of delays to compensate for that. The bigger issue is that requiring 5MP to activate is extremely expensive; short of turning off ougi for multiple turns it’s not really practical to naturally have enough to press it. Effectively, this means that it’s a two-slot skill; Moonshadow is essential to fuel it.

Fortunately, this synergy slots fine in to the existing shell. Haase being able to double cast her 3 after each ougi is plenty of meter for MC to convert into enough MP to activate it, meaning that it’s unlikely for MC to be unable to do so, and there are also enough delays to get out of jams if needed. A side benefit is that MC will always have enough MP to toggle on Cat’s Meow on those turns, which fits perfectly since those are the turns on which the team will likely want an extra 80% defense and debuff resist. Not relying on the mainhand for mirror image frees up a skill slot that’d otherwise be for Splitting, and there’s not much else to run in that slot anyway since Vajra’s more than enough for dispel.

I figured that with MC to offer some defense, this would be enough to not need to resort to running Blue Sphere, which forces Socie back into the party for mirror image since MC’s button isn’t nearly frequent enough.

I wouldn’t quite call the setup comfortable, but it was more than good enough. Oculus Felis is incredible; the armored lasting for three turns and not one like, say, Spartan’s ML30 Phalanx means that it’s enough for the conjunctions that these body route water runs tend to have where ougi PL and 85%/60% happen back to back. (With that being said, I have no idea why 60% didn’t happen.) The 35% trigger was a rare occasion where the meter did not line up, and it sucked.

Timing was a little tight without a god roll on Atheism, but that can’t be helped.

As good as the button is, though, it’s still got issues; the long cooldown probably disqualifies it from mirror image’s most important use case in Lucilius – dealing with Phosphorous right at the beginning prior to the first OD. Couple that with the fact that it still takes a second support skill slot to make it function and the class continues to lack a subskill that it can just jam in and get value out of. Matatabby looks very good, but that also looks to be some kind of buildaround, while Scratching Post is effectively burst only.

water ship 9%/water reactor 10%
0:00 100%
8:17 75%
15:13 50%
20:49 25%


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