[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Water Magna Soldier / [グラブル] ルシHLソロ 水マグナソルジャー

[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Water Magna Soldier / [グラブル] ルシHLソロ 水マグナソルジャー

Underrated ougi setup.

High damage is a given, but not exactly on account of the autonuke. It’s somewhere around 1.6m damage on ougi turns with no supplemental besides Belial, and the wings eat half of that on average so it’s just padding numbers. Autoattack damage isn’t great either, even on Beelzebub call turns, relegating the two instant attack skills to meter generation tools more than burst buttons. The upside is that MC just has a lot of meter to ougi with and does a lot of damage when she does.

One refresh bullet in the clip contributes a bit to help keep the team afloat. Even with Haase 3 effectively making MC start at 70 meter after each ougi, she’ll usually get in one TA per reload cycle to proc the healing. Neptune Point doesn’t have the easiest time triggering, but it’s not that big a deal with an elemental buff from Haase to dilute its impact. Also, trials coming up late dispels the stack, anyway.

MC doesn’t have a whole lot to do besides shoot. The surfeit of meter means MC doesn’t take much damage, and not much work is needed on the infrequent occasions where substitute is needed. The rest of the party gets beat up a bit because MC doesn’t have much in the way of healing, but it can’t be helped. Being a good HP battery for Justice call is the best she can do.

Soldier often performs similarly to Monk in overall damage, despite the fact that their autonukes don’t work that much alike. These two magna water kills hewed quite closely to each other, with MC responsible for about 53% of total damage and Vajra about half of that. There is one important difference, though – Monk mainhanding Xeno staff heals much more than a healing bullet does.

water ship 8%/water reactor 10%
0:00 100%
4:53 75%
8:58 50%
12:15 25% (no refresh)


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