[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Fire Magna Masquerade No F5 / [グラブル] ルシHLソロ 火マグナマスカレード リロ無し

[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Fire Magna Masquerade No F5 / [グラブル] ルシHLソロ 火マグナマスカレード リロ無し

It might not look like much and it didn’t kill particularly quickly, but I found this to be quite strong.

Two sub + dodges offers a lot of flexibility. Bait Step doesn’t come with full hostility so it’s not totally reliable, but having an extra way of catching ougis is handy.

Two autonukers in the party helps rebuild the stackable buff after it’s dispelled during trials. There are setups I’ve tried that are dependent on Non-Sequence’s cooldown to get to 30 hits in a turn, but that’s not an issue here, between the variety of multihit nukes and guaranteed TA during uptime on buffs to enable Sol Remnant.

If there were a defensive mainhand available in fire daggers, I’d have run with it. As a consolation, though, GW dagger isn’t at all bad. Autoattack damage is actually decent; everyone has 100% TA and there’s enough juice to cap autos even outside of crits.

The two lingering turns of hostility up on Bait Step do tend to be a bit of a problem. MC takes a lot of extra damage during them and is often reliant on Justice cooldown to get back out of the red. The rest of the party tends to stay healthy, at least.

fire ship 7%/fire reactor 10%
0:00 100%
9:14 wings 50%
15:36 wings 0%
24:48 body 25%


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