[Granblue Fantasy] Beelzebub Solo Earth Magna Soldier No Refresh / [グラブル] バブHLソロ 純土マグナソルジャー リロ無し

[Granblue Fantasy] Beelzebub Solo Earth Magna Soldier No Refresh / [グラブル] バブHLソロ 純土マグナソルジャー リロ無し

I wish there were more supplemental available, but Soldier still does some nice damage without much support.

As you can probably tell from the party layout, this didn’t go quite as intended. Anthuria wasn’t supposed to live, and Okto was supposed to help feed MC piles of meter to trigger her dodge autonuke with the supplemental. The improvised backup plan after she dodged was still more than good enough; MC having hype and echoes to beef up auto damage a bit worked out alright, although the refresh bullet wouldn’t have been needed.

MC still did alright for herself as far as ougi cycling went; there were a couple of turns where the lack of multiattack had some annoying results, but it didn’t come up frequently since there was still meter coming in. Cidala, on the other hand, really suffered from the lack of multiattack and didn’t get to five stacks until close to 50%.

50% itself was something I really should have thought through a bit more before going in. Beelzebub in the main grid to immediately get rid of the repel would have done the trick.

I had a brain fart at 15%. It’d have been better to just press the sub all to begin with instead of pressing the Qilin.

earth ship 9%/earth reactor 10%
0:00 100%
7:27 75%
12:15 50%
17:09 30%


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