[Granblue Fantasy] Tower of Babyl 59-1 Fire Magna No Refresh / [グラブル] バブ塔 59-1 火マグナ リロ無し

[Granblue Fantasy] Tower of Babyl 59-1 Fire Magna No Refresh / [グラブル] バブ塔 59-1 火マグナ リロ無し

It’s possible that running this with water for element advantage on wave 2 might be easier; I haven’t tried it.

The comp is standard stuff. I’d definitely recommend Anila and Athena; swapping out Nemone and/or MC’s class for some more delays could help.

0:00 wave 1
It’s pretty chill with element advantage. Just save some debuffs to reapply after the clear after 50%.

5:11 wave 2
The boss gets a local permanent attack buff when her 3-stack autonuke procs, and as far as I can tell, it’s a pretty big one; I refreshed into a character getting 1-shot on my first attempt. Like in 48-1, stacks are removed by full chaining, and fire has an easy time building meter for it with Anila buff and partywide multiattack and Ultima proficiency. Gravity is essential and delays can get a lot done for slowing down stack buildup.

Try to cross triggers on full bead turns to get a free delay out of it.

OD ougi/50% trigger is very annoying in emptying meter right after she gains a stack, especially if you screw up and eat two in a row like I do here. Athena 4 blocks that portion; I’d recommend using it on 50%.

no fire ship/reactor


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