Water Sophia Showcase / Water White Dress Team / [グラブル] ソフィア水 白いドレス

Water Sophia Showcase / Water White Dress Team / [グラブル] ソフィア水  白いドレス

Illustration : https://twitter.com/yuntae712/status/1520389903519207424?s=09

Is it a functional or practical team? No.
It’s slow, and Sophia feels a bit clunky (a shame that you can’t simply toggle her sk3 like Tikoh, that would make her much more usable in FA), but it’s worth it just for having the 3 wedding dresses characters in a same team. Yes I could have used Glory to complete the trio, but the team would have been really bad if I did.

There might be some better use for her coupled with Kolulu over Grea, since her and Sophia buffs complements well, especially for magna (DA, TA, 150% normal ATK, 200% DEF), maybe I’ll do a video of it someday if I can bother farming animas to uncap magna Auberons.


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