[Granblue Fantasy] Belial Solo Dark Magna Kengo Rei Frontline 100-50% / [グラブル] ベリアルHLソロ 闇マグナ剣豪 レイ

[Granblue Fantasy] Belial Solo Dark Magna Kengo Rei Frontline 100-50% / [グラブル] ベリアルHLソロ 闇マグナ剣豪 レイ

I used this route instead of the one from my previous uploads for my trophy. I think it’s an improvement.

Yes, the team order is wrong in the setup graphic; I used the wrong one and by the time I noticed I had already deleted the raw recording.

The reasoning for keeping Rei in the frontline is that Tanya is mostly wasted before 50%; Belial can ougi as much as he wants against dark since Fediel’s full debuff immunity works against the permanent debuffs, so delays aren’t needed. The team’s a little short on attack down, but that’s not really important, either, especially with Rei’s ougi compensating for it.

Leaving Rei out makes for a 35 hit setup that’s not dependent on cooldowns. Fediel nuke x4 + FC accounts for 25 hits, so the team has four autoattacks in which to triple attack twice. It’s possible to make it guaranteed with No More Doubt or if Lich 1 is off cooldown, but it’s pretty safe to just go for it; there’s a fair amount of partywide TA between Kengo’s buff and Fediel field, and MC comes with some extra from Kengo’s passive.

Planning on taking ougis in the first half also provides more turns with which to cancel to cut stacks to zero before 50%. It’s not too hard to execute; ougi minimally instead of going full blast. Rei linking Lich helps her reduce the downtime on her buffs without doing too much damage, as double strike gives her enough meter to ougi every turn. It’s nigh-impossible to not have 15m damage of ougis to cancel Goetia with when playing like this; the bigger risk is forgetting to ougi enough to have an FC built up to do 35 hits with. There’s plenty of time to adapt to that, though; even the two turns between Goetia and Lemegeton can be enough to salvage a situation. Rei ougi can contribute 10% FC without adding extra damage, too. Getting all the way to zero stacks is overkill since it’ll waste some of Lich’s healing during 50%-25%, but making it happen is pretty cool.

If the boss is going to reach full beads, try to make it happen on a non-trigger turn so you don’t lose a cancel opportunity.

After 50%, ougi once with Rei and swap her back out and it’ll look like a normal route again (https://youtu.be/bPEDfBU9x74?t=638). Maybe 50%-25% could keep her in the frontline, but Tanya’s delay will be needed for 25%-5%. Besides, Rei can’t ougi for damage at that point when the team needs it.

If you’re wondering why this is only an upload of the first half, I threw on the 25% entry turn and didn’t feel like doing it again.

dark ship 9%/dark reactor 10%
0:00 100%
6:25 50%


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