[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Dark Magna Paladin / [グラブル] ルシファーHLソロ 闇マグナパラディン

[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Dark Magna Paladin / [グラブル] ルシファーHLソロ 闇マグナパラディン

Despite the power level of the characters, this felt harder than it ought to be. It’s probably me not playing dark enough.

Cassius in the frontline to fill out the shell covers almost all the dispel requirements that the team has, as well as rounding out attack down. Rei doesn’t add that much to the party since the frontline has ten debuffs as is and Shalem 1 pushes it over the top for debuff trial clearing even if gravity isn’t needed or doesn’t stick. Her 3 does help stabilize one turn in the opener, though, which I felt like added enough value to her debuff and buffing Lich as she swaps in to justify the slot.

Weapon grid’s pretty much the usual hard content with Draconic fare. The healing key on Ultima doesn’t work with Lich’s healing per turn, so it doesn’t do much. The second Fediel spine might have been correct there instead.

There’s no revive/Rei looping business involved here to rotate the backline slots since the frontline needs to stay together, so running Death just to get rid of Shalem after debuffing would have been a tough use of a summon slot. I didn’t think of pushing Shalem’s attack above MC’s until I saw Claudine’s solo; it lets her buy a couple of extra turns in the frontline, which is very helpful.

The setup scales well with Qilin much like, say, water setups revolving around Maria, since Fediel 1’s cooldown outside of V2 is a real limiting factor. Two’s all I could fit, though; the light buncles are too good once Lich rotates in.

The opener isn’t trivial with this setup, although that’s probably a problem of my own doing. There’s no healing until Lich swaps in, Fediel 1 isn’t free to use, and the boss hurts, so mitigating damage on the auto turns and using Phosphorous targeting Shalem as free ones is the gameplan; this creates at least two free turns with possibly a couple more if her 3 creates a miss in Phosphorous.

OD during the opener is the roughest part since Fediel 1’s debuff immunity doesn’t stay up for free like it does in V2, and Iblis landing probably scrubs the run. Once Shalem dies, Rei can tank one PL with her 3 before swapping out, and only then is it safe to use Fediel 1. Aligning another PL for MC to tank buys a helpful bit of time.

At trials, the key is to protect Lich’s light switch as long as possible, preferably until PL trial is cleared. In this run, the first cast going in with a fresh Fediel 1 lasted long enough, which is ideal; the extra duty on the buncles is to serve as cover buffs but that’s really not ideal. Once PL trial is cleared, the remaining danger is stack accumulation since Cassius can only dispel one stack every body ougi when it gains two unless his 3 is off cooldown, so killing the wings ASAP is still important. As long as light switch is up, 50% mitigation on 6/8 uptime with MC’s defensive stuff is enough to get by with just Lich’s regen as healing.

Body phase is fairly simple outside of Phosphorous; MC can still tank it with Paladin passive but some effort needs to be made to get it to target her. I also screwed up by forgetting to clear overchain trial for a while; Lich 1 being delayed by Orbital is a problem.

The team doesn’t have as much stuff for surviving the boss’s nonsense after 25%, with no mirror image being a sticking point. Instead, it’s very reliant on taking the hits with light switch, which isn’t necessarily bad since it’s still enough to get the job done. I did screw up by using MC’s buttons in the wrong order; 20% should have been taken with MC’s sub all + damage shield and 15% with phalanx so that the sub would be available for 10%; doing it backwards meant that the damage shield wasn’t available to go with the sub and MC had to eat a chunk of damage.

I don’t know what to do about the healing concerns. Fediel is never going to double up as the healer here without the ability to FC and it’s not like dark has some power healer to run in the flex slot; I don’t think Cagliostro’s going to be doing the trick.

dark ship 10%/no reactor
0:00 start
5:33 wings 50%
8:49 wings 0%
13:44 body 25% (no refresh)

reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFRAmB-9On4


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