[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Light Magna Doctor w/ Nobita / [グラブル] ルシファーHLソロ 光マグナドクター 野比のび太

[Granblue Fantasy] Lucilius Hard Solo Light Magna Doctor w/ Nobita / [グラブル] ルシファーHLソロ 光マグナドクター 野比のび太

Nobita’s in the wrong element. His 2 being a sub + dodge on a short cooldown on an f2p character could be a crucial asset for soloing in some other element that needs it to survive Gopherwood autos, but light already gets to facetank those with Mishra’s buffs, which probably relegates him to the category of fun trinket.

Even with that caveat, it’s still a very strong button. Before trials, it soaks every other Iblis or so, and after trials, it’s universally useful. Dodging Apocalypse without having to worry about MC’s meter or high stack autos is great. Generating 20 meter from 3 autocasting to make up for not attacking doesn’t hurt.

During body phase, when the blue man doesn’t do enough damage to entail tanking, I switched to pressing his 1 for a bit of extra damage, but I’m not sure if that was even worth the time after capping his EMP attack stack; those autos don’t really do much. Outside of the obvious use case of using it to dodge random target autos when low, I don’t know what a use case for the hostility down would look like; I feel like there has to be one but I can’t think of any.

3 is straightforward; it’s just a button to press on recharge unless meter’s full.

I didn’t bother unlocking his 4 before going in. It doesn’t look great from the skill description, but it’s possible that 3/6 uptime on crit could have been a meaningful improvement on his damage.

I did kind of throw a lot in this run; the opener was messy as hell including almost ruining the run by not calling Europa on Andira’s first turn out, not cleaning up blade stacks before trials landed me in some hot water, and forgetting to take Belial out of the grid when this comp doesn’t support him was a bonehead move.

Time did end up being a bit of a concern here, although not all of that is on Nobita’s low damage output; I wasted a lot of time playing slowly.

light ship 7%/light reactor 10%
0:00 start
5:41 setup done
9:31 wings 50%
15:33 wings 0%
23:03 body 25%


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